Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher June 28

The Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher is a popular daily challenge that presents players with a unique Morse Code to decode. Solving these codes unlocks significant in-game rewards, making it a highly anticipated event each day. The concept is simple: each day, players are given a cipher to decode, and those who successfully solve it are rewarded, helping them to level up their accounts.

The Hamster Kombat Morse Code June 28, 2024, will be released on the Telegram game. Players who want to earn 1,000,000 coins as in-game rewards can now apply the given Morse Code.

Since its launch, Hamster Kombat has attracted millions of players with its delightful blend of casual gameplay and engaging challenges. Among its various features, the Daily Cipher stands out as an amazing reward system, challenging players to decode Morse Code for 1 million coins.

Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher 28 June 2024

According to the game rules, a new cipher is released every 24 hours. Players, known as CEOs, must decode the cipher to find the hidden message or code. Using the provided clues and their own deductive skills, players work out the solution to the cipher, which may involve various types of codes such as letter substitution or numerical codes.

Once players believe they have the correct cipher code, they enter the decoded message into the provided field within the game. If the Morse Code is correct, they will instantly receive their in-game reward, accompanied by a “Congratulations” message.

Today, the game development team has released the Morse Code for June 26, 2024. Players from around the world can type the code, combining dots and dashes, to claim their reward. The word and code are given below:

The Daily Cipher for 28 June 2024 has been released officially. You can now claim the rewards;

  • Word: STABLE
  • Morse: ••• — •— —••• •—•• •
Daily Cipher June 28

You need to write as follows

  • S:  tap tap tap
  • T:  hold
  • A:  tap hold
  • B:  hold tap tap tap
  • L:  tap hold tap tap
  • E:  tap

We provide Cipher Morse Code within a few minutes once released officially. So, please share this post with your friends to get the latest updates at your fingertips.

How You Can Write the Morse Code

Unlike other game features that focus on tapping or quick reflexes, the Daily Cipher challenges players’ minds. It requires logical thinking, pattern recognition, and sometimes even a bit of creativity. As the code is officially released, there is no need to guess it; players can apply it by following the instructions below:

  1. Open the Telegram App: Start by opening the Telegram app on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Enter the Game Panel: Access the verified “Hamster Kombat” conversation.
  3. Initiate the Game: Click on “Play in 1 Click” to start loading the game on your phone.
  4. Access the Cipher Box: Tap three times on the “Earn Per Tap” button in the left corner to reveal the Cipher code box.
  5. Enter the Morse Code: For a dot, short tap on the game and release. For a dash, long press, and release.

Final Words

The Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher is an excellent way to engage players, blending fun gameplay with cognitive challenges. As more players join the community, the excitement around these daily ciphers continues to grow.

By decoding the Morse Code and claiming rewards, players not only enhance their in-game experience but also sharpen their problem-solving skills. With a limited time to use today’s code, players are encouraged to act quickly and enjoy the benefits of their efforts.


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